Either what JESUS said was false, and you can dismiss the information, OR, if he was telling the truth, there IS a HEAVEN or Hell waiting for us. God LOVED US all so much, Jesus suffered the eternal fire for us...

1. The Bible is Divinely inspired. It touches on an astounding remarkable amount evidence of History ,Science, Mathematics AND Medicine to the finest detail. It also has embedded Numeral Mathematics within the words, as well as THOUSANDS of Bible codes threaded within and throughout the BIBLE. (The Bible Codes and Mathematics only work in the original word of the Bible, not the modern translations) How can you possibly write a book (of 40 authors) that reads on the surface fluently, and has THOUSANDS of Modern Bible Codes, AND on top of that Multiple places of Mathematics present?

2. Jesus had to be born through a particular family line as it was prophecied in the Old Testiment. Jesus would have NO CONTROL over that. They have calculated the odds of that actually happening - 10 To the 2nd Power (1 in 10,000) Jesus would be a Descendant of David

3.Prophecy Tells US GOD Picked the City of Bethlehem for The Messiah to be Born in. Jesus would have No CONTROL over this. They calculated the odds of this - 10 to 5th Power (1 Chance in 100,000) Jesus would be born in Bethlehem

4.The Uniqueness of God is shown in his consistency. In everything he does, he wants to lead people TO HIM. For 1000 years followers of the holy Bible Scriptures came to Bethlehem and celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles. In Leviticus 23 it tells us those people, as well as many Chrstians today are to celebrate this festival in humble ways such as living in tents remembering what the deliverance of Gods people out of slavery in Egypt, in the exodus. AND ASTONISHINGLY, Faithful believers knew that their Messiah would be born DURING this festival in Bethlehem. They knew someday their messiah would be born during this festival. AND HE WAS!! It is amazing that Gods Festivals all SIGNIFY important events in history that show himself. Jesus will COME BACK on Feast of Trumpets some day. So we watch for that day at the Mount of Olives.

5. An astonishing 668 prophecies have been fulfilled and none have ever been proven false . An honest study of biblical prophecy will compellingly show the divine authorship of the Bible. Jesus fulfilled over 300 messianic prophecies written in the Old Testament scriptures. Prophecies have come to pass regarding events around the world. Isn't that amazing?

6. There are 2,000 prophecies that discuss past events which have come to pass (proven correct), future prophecies and 300 prophecies (ALL proven correct and detailed) on the implications about the life, INCLUDING the death, and resurrection of Jesus. No other religion has specific, repeated, and unfailing fulfillment of predictions many years in advance of contingent events over which the predictor had no control.
Buddha didn't rise from the dead, nor did Confucius or Zoroaster. Muhammad didn't fulfill detailed prophecy. Alexander the Great didn't raise the dead or heal the sick. And though there is far less reliable information written about these "religious" leaders, they are believed in and followed by millions.

7. The Messiah would have had 456 identifying characteristics. Jesus had them all.

8.Professor Emeritus of Science at Westmont College, Peter Stoner, has calculated the probability of one man fulfilling the major prophecies made concerning the Messiah. Twelve different classes representing some 600-university students worked out the estimates. 1 in (10 157POWER) that one man could fulfill even 48 (F O U R T Y - e i g h t ) of these Old Testament prophecies.
JUST REMEMBER THAT JESUS FULLFILLED OVER 300! Finally, he submitted his figures for review to a committee of the American Scientific Affiliation. Upon examination, they verified that his calculations were dependable and accurate in regard to the scientific material presented (Peter Stoner, Science Speaks, Chicago: Moody Press, 1969, 4).

9. Jesus DID NOT manipulate events to fulfill prophecy Such as The Place of the Messiah’s birth (Micah 5:2). , The Date of the Messiah’s birth (Daniel 9:25). Manner of birth of the Messiah (Isaiah 7:14), The Manner of death of the Messiah (Zechariah 12:10; Psalm 22:16 prophesied before the invention of crucifixion). , Piercing in side of that Messiah (Zechariah 12:10).The Details of the Burial of the Messiah(Isaiah 53:9).Executers dividing up Jesus’s clothes after he died on the cross

10. MILLIONS of Muslims are seeing dreams of JESUS and ARE Converting to Christianity

11. AN EARTHQUAKE and an Eclipse Happened while Jesus was dying on the cross...

Sited by MANY NON Biblical Sources (13 in total) It did HAPPEN! The darkness was noted all around the world! It happened from 12 noon to 3 pm when Jesus died.

12. The Holy Temple Had A Curtain Seperating the Holy Place where GOD dwelled. At the Very moment of Jesus's Death the Curtain was torn in half. The Remarkable thing, CHECK out the measurments of this Curtain- The curtain was 60 feet in height, 30 feet in width and 4 inches thick

AND There IS TONS MORE Evidence Below!

Evidence 4 Bible Codes

Evidence 4
What are Bible Codes?

What is the best UP-TO-DATE site on Bible Codes?

Here are some of codes on Jesus out of the 81 found on the site and then list an article from

These are all encoded in the Torah. Jesus Christ is alive!

Jesus the Messiah

Jesus is the only way!

In the Blood of Jesus, this: He is obvious, the Light who came unto punishment.

Jesus is the Word of God

Jesus is My Messiah, recognize!

Who is My Messiah? - His name is Jesus, recognise thus!

Repent! Jesus is the Mediator.

Yahweh (is) Jesus

Jesus is the good shepherd, God.

Jesus didn't see corruption!

These are once again just a few of the codes about Jesus. There are other code sites that have plenty more.

If you want to read the rest of the codes on Him here is a link to the page:

Jesus Codes

Bible Codes that Form Pictures

A Highly Improbable Collection

“When we had Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., examine each of these ELSs for possible extensions, his findings were highly improbable. While 4.0 extensions, consisting of a total of 16 letters, were expected by chance, Dr. Jacobi found 13 extensions, totaling 75 letters. The odds against finding this many extensions around eight initial ELSs are about one in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, or one out of a billion times a trillion. The following table recaps the striking difference between what would be expected by chance and what was actually found.”


1) The most shocking evidence dealing with the bible codes is the name YESHUA is encoded in the prophetic prophecy in the bible, W I T H I N THE **A c t u a l** verse.
In 24 prophecies, Yeshua is encoded in equal letter sequences within the verse.
It is interesting to note that Islam has no (zero) such prophecies of Mohammed; nor does the Hindu faith or any Old other faith or cult. MORE SO , NO Other BOOK has Bible Codes BY THE THOUSANDS!
TALK about Supernatural EVIDENCE!
In the very Prophecy talking about the COMING Messiah, his name was BARRIED within the actual text of of the PROPHECY! WOW!

An Example:
Psalm 22- 1through 15" 1 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me....."Jesus repeated these words on the cross, do you remember? He was repeating a prophecy that was written about the coming messiah before he was even born. People standing around the cross must have just fallen to the ground in dispair, knowing they killed GOD on the cross. Psalm 22 1-15 talks about the messiah that is to come. BURRIED in this bible passage is the Bible code - "JESUS CHRIST" in Psalm 22 1-15 Text retrieval without spaces: 45 letters per line

Another Example:
Bible Code found in (Proverbs 30:4)- "Who hath ascended up into heaven or descended? Who hath gathered the wind in His fists? Who hath bound the waters in a garment? Who hath established all the ends of the Earth? What is His name, and what is His son's name, if thou canst tell?" (Proverbs 30:4)BIBLE CODE FOUND - every 22nd letter spells- Yeshua shai, which means "Yeshua, the Gift."

Another Example:
74 CODES found in Isaiah 52-53

THE AMOUNT Of CODES Found in Isaiah 52-53 Are astounding!
The Bible Codes is that, just like ALL Scripture found in the bible all point toward, and scream out; "Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is the Son of God.
Here is the significance.
Isaiah is talking about ---a coming messiah-- It describes what this messiah is going to go through when he walks this earth.
(Isaiah 52-53)"He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed"
"JESUS IS MY NAME" Every 12th Letter Found by - Yacov Rambsel
(Remember to note, the bible codes only work in the ORGINAL MANUSCRIPT of the bible, not in the Copies of the bible)
Jesus REVEALED in Isaiah 52-53 "He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed"
It's very significant that the below were found in a very relevant area of Isaiah known as the "Suffering Servant" passages.
"NAZARENE" is also in the same chapter,
Nazarene was found ALONG WITH seventy- four 74 of the names, places, and events of the time period of Jesus of Nazareth!
(TAken from - BIBLE CODE- YESHUA IS MY NAME - Grant R. Jeffrey) more detailed notes found, and the locations see Grant Jeffrey's website.
Here are the words found

Yeshua*Nazarene*Messiah*Shiloh*Passover*Galilee*Herod*Caesar*The evil Roman city*Caiaphas-High Priest*Annas* High* Priest*Mary*Mary*Mary*The Disciples*Peter*Matthew*John*Andrew*Philip*Thomas*James*James*Simon*Thaddaeus*Matthias Let Him be crucified*His Cross*Lamp of the Lord*His signature*Bread*Wine*From Zion*MoriahObed* (servant)Jesse*Seed*Water*Levites*From the Atonement* Lamb*Joseph

(Note- there were 3 Marys standing at the crucifixion)- Taken From Grant Jeffrey's website- Thank you Grant!